Corrupted m2ts files after cuts in the middle

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Corrupted m2ts files after cuts in the middle

Postby SebDog » Thu May 26, 2016 12:03 pm


First of all sorry for my english !

I recently start using smart cutter to cut m2ts files (TV recordings).
I manage to edit m2ts with no ads in the middle, but when I try to cut movie with ads inside it dosen't works.
Yet I follow the steps described in your tutorial : I define the segments with new start/end point then I put on red button to start transcoding (I tried with batch way but it doesn't work either).

This is strange because the edited file size seems to be good (less big than the original file).
Morever the file duration and the edited file is OK when I open it in smart cutter.
But the file duration is very long in file properties (7h) and VLC or WMP don't read it.
All the m2ts files with ads inside show the same problems

Any ideas on how resolve this issue?

[Edit] I add some elements after other tests. Actually the problem seems not to be linked to the adds inside the file because I managed to edit such a file.
The problem seems to result from the origin of the file. I explain : with some channel recording, the cutting does'nt work, regardless of the place where I do the cut. Can the subtitles be the reason of the issue?


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Re: Corrupted m2ts files after cuts in the middle

Postby admin » Wed Jun 01, 2016 2:19 am

Dear SebDog:
Thanks for your message.

'The problem seems to result from the origin of the file.'

Could you please upload a original video sample showing the problem to our ftp server for a test?

It would be better if the sample file size is less than 50 MB.

If you can not find small sample, use this simple tool to split your movie file into small pieces, and upload any one of them. ... rger.shtml
before uploading sample, please create sub-directory with your name under the root, then upload sample to this sub-directory.

FULL priviliged --- mkdir, read, write, remove
Will be helpful to limit the sample file size under 50MB.
Thank you.

FTP Username:
Password: samples
FTP Server:
FTP Server Port: 21
Here is also a step by step tutorial for uploading sample(s):

Looking forward to your further message.
Thank you very much.

Best Regards,
FameRing Support Team
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