Crashing when cutting .TS Stream in HD

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Re: Crashing when cutting .TS Stream in HD

Postby admin » Sun Aug 13, 2017 11:13 pm

Dear albert:
Thanks for your message.

'Any advances in correcting the bug? Using a virtual machine Windows is not really that comfortable ...'
Still in progress.
It is quite strange that, Smart Cutter only works on the OSX version on which it was built. For example, if we build it on OSX 10.9, it only works on 10.9, and fails on 10.11; if we build it on 10.11, it only works on 10.11, and fails on 10.9.
It looks like an issue of OSX system compatibility, not easy to deal with, but we are still trying to make it work on all OSX versions.

Please feel free to send us your further advice and suggestion.
Thank you very much.

Best Regards,
FameRing Support Team
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Re: Crashing when cutting .TS Stream in HD

Postby anon743 » Thu Dec 21, 2017 8:30 am

I have a similar problem just recently when cutting and resaving an HD TS file (recorded from an STB). The crash occurs when the rendering reaches about 84%. The resaved file is there but incomplete.

Using XP SP3 with 4GBs of RAM. Was using v1.93 (now updated to 1.94) and the problem still persists under 1.94. Crash only occurs to just one recent TS file, while all others are fine (ie. no crashes). I suspect a certain audio sync issue within the stream has caused the problem.

In the end I had to use another product (VxxxxxRxDx) to do the cutting (also frame by frame) which was successful, but that program also strips (cleans) out any unwanted streams which allegedly renders the resulting TS file unrecognizable from the STB.

Any take on this?
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Re: Crashing when cutting .TS Stream in HD

Postby albert » Thu Feb 22, 2018 9:08 pm


Any news on my problem? It starts to get a bit frustrating since it's nearly a year now that this issue is not resolved.

The Mac version more or less works with SD streams – but with HD material it crashes all the time. Even under WinXP Smart Cutter is crashing from time to time ... an of course its very slow when running in an virtual machine.

No support for paying customers?

In hope for an reaction
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