Big Thanks to Fame Ring Team

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Big Thanks to Fame Ring Team

Postby dellsam34 » Mon Jul 09, 2012 8:32 am

On behalf of all religious groups Muslims, Jewish, Christians and other cultures as well, I would like to thank Fame-ring team for this unique and outstanding piece of software that makes editing the most complex video codecs as easy as splicing an old film with the scisor, We as religious poeple we chose to live a moral healthy productive life, so we and our kids decide what to watch on our TV's, we don't take up all the garbadge that Hollywood feeds us, With this program now and for the first time ever I'm able to make a backup copies of each of my favorite blu-ray movies, Here is how I do it: I ripp the blu-ray to my hard drive as an ISO image then I use PowerISO to access the image file and load the stream that I want to make cuts on to smart cutter after making the cuts I save the stream back to the image file and confirm the overwrite and save the image, Then I burn the image on a 25/50 GB BD-R discs depends on the size of the original disc, The burned backup copies play flawlessly throu the cuts like they were originaly there without loosing the menu feature and all the goodies, once again big thanks to Fame-ring team for this little piece of engineered software.
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