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Preview on Cutting Sequence

Postby yhoogi » Sun Apr 10, 2011 8:47 am

Playing around with the cutting and merging capabilities, I started to miss a function where I can observe how a merging of two scenes behaves around a cut.
(e.g when cutting commercials out and the there was a time overlap you have sometimes to try to get it smooth)
To observe if the Audio / video transits smoothly: having the option to transcode only -5 sec up to +5sec around a cut would be very handy.

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Re: Preview on Cutting Sequence

Postby BOP » Fri Nov 02, 2012 11:17 am

Preview like "ColdCut", good idea.
Up to now: Cuts place, transcoding, cuts examine. If not OK, cut again.

I test Smart Cutter just, I lack this function (beside keyboard commands) mostly.
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Re: Preview on Cutting Sequence

Postby Carsten » Mon Nov 06, 2017 8:33 pm


I think, that´s e really good idea.

I get the same problem with some tv-streams, the videos overlap, this means for example, the video must be cutted on 10:00 minutes after beginning. But after commercials the video starts on (virtual) 9:30 minutes. So there are 30 seconds doubled.

Today I will see this failure, when I am showing the video on TV.

Or I must see the 20 ... 30 ... 40 seconds before and after the both cuts (out-cut and new in-cut) to find the best points to cut the video.

The 30 Seconds are doubled like "1111111111>222222222<3333333". The numerics 222222222 means the rest of part one of the video and in this example the first 30 seconds of part two in the video. The signs > and < marks the cuts in this example.

I hope I could explain what I mean.

I noticed that there are no updates at least since 2013 ... 2014. only some fixes (see below the text). And Smart Cutter is always the best program to cut some video without some knickknack.

Please do something more for developing. I hope so. Thank you very much.


see version 1.9.4 - What's new

version 1.9.4
fix for H.264/AVCHD aspect ratio in TS/MTS/M2TS

version 1.9.3
fix for mac os x main display issue
fix for no sps after first seq in h.264 mp4 cut
fix for maintaining bit-rate after cut

version 1.9.2f
fix for 64-bit WIN7 opt memory issue

version 1.9.2
fix for video/audio codec property

version 1.9.1
fix for output file name exception
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